Elite Karate Centres provide expert Karate coaching for over 300 members across the city of Sheffield.


Below you'll find the answers to many frequent questions that we're asked about Elite Karate Centres.

Everyone is individual and the only real way to find out is to come and see how we train. If you then want to try it out your first month is free.

To arrange a visit to any of our clubs please feel free to contact us and we will arrange this for you.

We pride ourselves on our friendly & welcoming clubs and as such, there is absolutely no pressure to join should you decide that Karate is not for you.

In our main clubs, we teach students from the age of 6, with no age limit, just like the Okinawans!

We treat all our students as individuals and want to help them in achieving their goals. If that goal is to improve your fitness, we are more than happy to help you in succeeding.

We do ask that we are made aware of any health issues, to ensure where necessary we can adapt the training to suit, or so that your Sensei is prepared in the unlikely event of an accident or an emergency.

You will pay a monthly fee to your Club for your lessons, this will be dependent upon whether you intend to train once or twice a week and whether you join as a family (our clubs offer family discounts for up to 3 members of the same immediate family), or as an individual.

Current Monthly Fees:

Based on one lesson per week

Single Membership – £28 per month

Family Membership (Up to 3 members of same immediate family) – £50 per month

Based on two or more lessons per week

Single Membership – £40 per month

Family Membership (Up to 3 members of same immediate family) – £64 per month

You will require a Licence to train, this is payable immediately after starting your Karate training & is renewable annually. The current cost of a single licence is £26, and the family licence £50.

Initially the only equipment you will require, once you have joined your club, is a Gi (Karate Suit, costs from £15) and Sparing Mitts (£12), which can be arranged through your Sensei.

Once you’re an active member of a karate club, other costs associated with the practice include, Grading, Courses and additional equipment, depending on how you progress and your individual goals.

We train in bare feet and, whilst you are trying our Karate to see if it is for you, you will need loose fitting clothes. If you decide to carry on you will need a Gi (Karate Suit), which can be arranged through your Sensei.

If you are considering trying out Karate, or want to know more contact us to arrange a visit or call Steve on 07952 158 838.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Clubs in the near future.